Offshore Recruiting

At Kube Technologies, we provide the appropriate talent as per your particular needs. Our past years of successful experience working with clients in a wide range of industries such as Software Development, IT Technologies, Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, Telecom, Supply Chain, Hospitality & Mortgage companies has enabled us to be a global leader in several verticals.

Our tried & tested recruitment methodology has enabled to easily sort through resumes & shortlist those candidates who meet your criteria. Our expertise and efficiencies will ensure that your employees are able to complete all projects within your extremely important deadlines. Your team will be focusing on your core business while letting us provide you with the highly qualified talent you need.

With our Offshore Recruiting Services, you are able to get the most suitable candidates irrespective of geographical locations while also saving costs.Softsages enables you to have flexibility and efficiency within your staffing needs.

Some of the services offered by our offshore recruitment team are:
  • We conduct a thorough research in both technological and non-technological areas in order to find the right candidate for you.
  • We search the relevant candidates from offshore sites through all available sources.
  • We approach the required candidates and increase the data pool through various mediums of modern communication.
  • We conduct on-line interviews, negotiate salary and location preferences with potential candidates and finalize the employment terms and conditions with them.
  • We coordinate with the relevant manager in your team to setup the final interviews.